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David Brown
08/22/12 16:42
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Klamath Falls Oregon

#188126 - more good ideas
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
I had originally thought of using a potentiometer since I only need it to move ~300*, and the pot provides light turning resistance. Something like this IP67 Bourns Pot link. Then the only issue is sealing the shaft where it goes through the enclosure.

However, a strobe knob or linear sensor should also work well, and I hadn't considered them before. The only possible issue would be finding one with enough angle resolution. But, a quick search only finds something like this, that has a lower IP rating than the Pot above.*

But, I may just need to get rid of the pot and any potential issues, and throw a big knob on the display. It can't be that hard for people to figure out :)

*Potentially stupid question: Do higher IP codes assUme that the object also passes all of the lower numbers? ie, does IP67 (immersion < 1m) also conform to IP66 (powerful water jets)? It makes sense that something water tight is also dust tight, but just because something can be immersed, doesn't necessarily mean it will withstand powerful water jets (in my thinking, at least).

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