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David Brown
08/24/12 10:55
  08/24/12 12:02

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Klamath Falls Oregon

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Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
I guess I've been a bit vague on some details. There will be an electrical room ~50 feet from the display. That is where the RS485 is going, and where the power for the display is coming from. To add an isolator to the RS485 lines, I'll need another circuit board there, since it doesn't make sense to put the isolator in with the display. If I have another board there, I may as well isolate the 12v supply to the display as well. (right?) Although, the electrical room will already have the GFCI breakers and whatever stepdown transformer & regulator to go from mains to DC, so do I really need the 12v supply isolated? For that matter, do I really need to isolate the RS485?

I found the LTM8047/8 uModule that can do 0.44A output @ 12v. The LT3573 is a little better at almost 600mA@12v. Edit: Found a circuit for the LT3748 that can do 2.5A@12v.


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