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Michael Karas
08/29/12 18:43
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Beaverton Or

#188195 - Simple Conversion
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Hex File Data:

Equivalent ASM Source:
     ORG    0078h
     DB     0C2h,0AFh,074h,000h,090h,003h,036h,0F0h
     DB     075h,081h,021h,075h,008h,0F4h,075h,009h
     DB     001h,078h,021h,0E4h,0F6h,0D8h,0FDh,090h
     DB     003h,073h,074h,0FDh,0F0h,090h,0F0h,000h


This conversion should be trivially easy to implement in a small utility written in C, Basic or even PERL. If you do not want to write the whole process you could use one of many HEX2BIN utilities off the web to convert the Hex file to a binary format and then the utility that you would write could be a simple binary to DB statement converter.

Have Fun,
Michael Karas

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