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Sulax Shah
09/08/12 05:02
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Vallabh Vidyanagar

#188271 - 8051- 7 bit UART

I have till date configured and implemented successfully 8051 UART for various baud rates and other protocols like No Parity / Odd Parity / Even Parity etc.

However for one of my recent requirements I need to configure 8051 UART as under..

2400 Baud Rate / No Parity / 7 Bit Data (Character length).

Basically the reception of Data is to be configured as above.

This is making my life miserable as to my understanding there is no provision to Receive and Transmit 9 bits data (7 bit of data + 1 Stop Bit + 1 start Bit = 9 bits ).

What 8051 UART provides is either 10 bits or 11 bits of Data Transmission and Reception.

How can I incorporate this.. Can anyone help me out and guide.


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8051- 7 bit UART      Sulax Shah      09/08/12 05:02      
   one more stop bit        Erik Malund      09/08/12 06:11      
      mask off msb      Maarten Brock      09/10/12 02:28      
         or software UART      Jan Waclawek      09/10/12 05:05      
   are you sure?      Erik Malund      09/10/12 07:07      
      Shouldn't do, but...      Andy Neil      09/10/12 17:08      

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