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Maarten Brock
09/10/12 02:28
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The Netherlands

#188284 - mask off msb
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
if you give the last bit the same polarity as the stop bit all you will have is one more stop bit/a longer stop bit.

That works for transmission.

And on reception you mask off the most significant bit to either check or ignore the received stopbit.

The real problem arises when the other side is transmitting the characters side-by-side without extra pause. Then the startbit of the next character ends up in the stopbit of the previous reception. If you can't change the number of bits on the other side, maybe you can change the number of stopbits to two. Or maybe you can use CTS to hold off the next character. Otherwise you just have to 'hope' that characters will not arrive too close to each other.


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