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Per Westermark
09/14/12 13:36
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#188332 - No exact answer
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Exact answers implies that there are only one (1) solution available.

There are many different 8051 chips so the pinouts etc will vary.
There are 8051 chips that aren't intended for use with external memory.
There are many different memory chips that can be interfaced to a 8051 chip.
There are memory chips that can be interfaced directly.
There are memory chips that wants some extra glue.

Next thing - never every believe that it is a good idea to google for a complete solution identical to your specific ideas.

Separate the task of locating solutions for
- how to interface a 8051 with a display
- how to interface a 8051 with a joystick
- how to interface a 8051 with external RAM
- how to interface "any" microcontroller with a joystick
- how to program a PCD8544 with "any" microcontroller
- ...

If you want to install a car radio, don't google for "How to install a Pioneer DEH-80PRS in a Red Nissan Micra K12C 2009 with 15000 miles and Michelin tires of dimension 165/70 r14".

The more extra information you try to specialize your query with, the less hits you will get. And the more likely you will get irrelevant hits from the extra keywords matching other subjects.

If your goal with Google is to find exact matches - then google for something to buy.
If your goal is to design something - then google for help with the individual lego pieces that forms the solution.

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