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09/15/12 20:47
  09/15/12 20:58

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#188351 - why to use my own design
Responding to: Hal Albach's previous message
here in india getting a new board is a very messy thing, especially in the place i live, plus, the guy who teachs this kinda stuff [here there s only one] uses one burner, n programs the microcontrollers by it and use it in the projects, he just uses an oscillator n a few capacitors n resistors to make it work...
which costs nearly $2 here...[since the chips can be bought cheap here]

i was thinking that to use an external rom, i need 2 chips
1) the latch
2) the rom
nothing more than that, i am pretty sure that i can make the connections neatly...

so i was wondering to find a way [cheapest] to do it, as it seems pretty easy to me, but i want to clear all the doubts i have about working on that kinda thing because in future i wish to work to make a HVC [home video computer] or anything like that, and i would like to make it the cheapest one in indian market, because here student[including me] along with the teachers, dont know shit about chips n all those things...

bottom line, this projects is for knowledge and fun too, i will work on boards, but i wanna work on bare chips first...

now i wanna find any site or book or anything else which can explain a schematic like this one...

because i wanna interface more and more things[at once] with 8051 in my project...

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