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Kalpak Dabir
09/16/12 06:50
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#188356 - Wrong approach for India
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Samarth Godara said:
here in india getting a new board is a very messy thing, especially in the place i live, plus, the guy who teachs this kinda stuff [here there s only one] uses one burner, n programs the microcontrollers by it and use it in the projects, he just uses an oscillator n a few capacitors n resistors to make it work...
which costs nearly $2 here...[since the chips can be bought cheap here]
because i wanna interface more and more things[at once] with 8051 in my project...

Not true. Getting a PCB made and shipping it to anywhere in India is now quite easy.

The root problem is we still think our time is cheaper than money.
So a ~$100 Silab board with all the peripherals and serial programmability seems too costly.
Intead months are wasted in making the board ourselves, including doing the artwork/ layout, getting and soldering components etc.
And because soldering SMD components is difficult we constrain ourselves to through hole devices, which sometimes are components with considerable limitations.

At end of all this you could end up with a partially working board with so many limitations, that you have really learnt nothing.
You are not even a jack of trades.

Also, because of our "education" system, we are too tuned to being taught rather than learning.
Instead of joining a course which will most likely teach you nothing useful, spend money on good ready made boards and good reference books.
Learn from internet and the demo code to quickly get to some level of confidence in at least programming and working of various devices.
Maybe even have a demoable project ready.

While you are doing that or later you could branch out into making your own HW.
Which you will do better because then you will have some degree of confidence.
Currently internet answers seem overwhelming because you are trying to to do too many things beyond your understanding.
See for yourself after a few months, your questions will be more focused and so knowledgeable people will want to reply to your queries.

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