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09/16/12 09:06
  09/16/12 09:13

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#188357 - my approach + new doubt [start execution]
Responding to: Kalpak Dabir's previous message
Kalpak Dabir-
sir, i live in a very rural type of area, in Rajasthan, the thing i said was that i am not trying the thing on only MYSELF, i have a guy [teacher] who does stuff like that with bare 8051, hence i think i can easily do the stuff which you think cannot be done without a lot of efforts.
but if (as you said) i ll start loosing path in getting the chips arranged then i ll take your advice and get one of the boards...

Erik Malund-
sir, the thing about the rom is that,(in future) i wish to interface 5 components (including keyboard, tv, speaker) with the controller, with that i wish to have a set of other things like games,calculative application, or other application in the system, hence i think i ll need an external rom, which can provide me the switchability [of the rom, like we do in old game boys],
and i can have different modules of the programs, plus it seems pretty cool too...
so i think i ll go with external rom too...
and about the teacher, sir, here, where i live (ordinary/almost every) teacher doesnt even know if there is anything called 'arduino' or anything like that, even the electronic's teachers dont, (very shocking but true)...
so i think as you said it - Well since you insist on gong ahead without 'live' debuuging capabilities, well see a lot of you here.
i think yes, you will see me a lot here...

new doubt -
can anyone tell me how the microprocessor/controller starts execution?
i mean i never saw a 'start execution' pin in their pin diagrams, so where does the execution starts from?
does the chip starts executing from the 0000h address as we switch on the circuit? or wat?

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