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Sudan Krishna Balami
09/17/12 02:57
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#188365 - problem in receiving serial data
please check this code. i send a data (characters)from hyperterminal. but microcontroller didnt response. data sending from microcontroler to pc is done but still problem in receiving.
(i have used 8051 developement kit. so i think there is no problem in hardware.)

please help me in this topic.

#include <reg51.h>
void main(void)
unsigned char my_byte;
TMOD=0x20; //use Timer 1, mode 2
TH1=0xFD; //9600 baud rate
TR1=1; /start timer
while (1) //repeat forever
while (RI==0); //wait to receive
my_byte=SBUF; //save value
P1=mybyte; //write value to port

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