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Kalpak Dabir
09/17/12 08:07
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#188372 - Not really security
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Per Westermark said:
I think lots of posters on lots of forum are working at facilities having the highest levels of security. Their work machines are strictly separate from the net, so they have to manually type all information when moving information between internal and external networks.

Why else would people manually rewrite their source code instead of doing a copy/paste?

Though wireless network(3G/ EVDO/ CDMA and Wimax) have alleviated this problem to some extent, as yet not everyone in this part of the world has internet. So they have to go to a "cybercafe" to access internet.

Virus/malware protection is still a religion here because the OS in these cafes is pirated, so the owner may not allow attaching of a thumbdrive or inserting a CD to transfer data into the PC.

And yes, in service industry we do have certain groups without internet(only corporate email allowed) due to client requirements.

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