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Richard Erlacher
09/17/12 09:30
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Denver, Co

#188374 - use direct wiring when using point-to-point
Responding to: ???'s previous message
The best way to hand-wire a circuit, whether wire-wrapped or soldered point-to-point, as you've done in the picture, is to route your wire directly, in a straight line. This will minimize the route lengths and will keep any coupling between the signals to be more or less randomized. If you "bunch" your wires, or try to make them look like a circuit board, the randomization is less, which means that the impact of coupling will be felt at more or less the same time. This can impact signal integrity.

Further, you should probably use smaller wire, typically, with wire-wrap, one uses #30 AWG wire. What you use is very much your choice, but once you use #30, it will become obvious why that's a good idea. It looks as though you've used #20 or thereabouts in the picture.

It's VERY important that you minimize the distance between power supply bypass components and the power/GND pins. It's also important that you distribute power and gnd nets such that the distance to their sources be minimized. This is especially important with the gnd net, and you should always think about the notion of a single-point gnd, which you will seldom achieve, since wire-lengths are never zero, but keeping those connections to the gnd reference point as short as possible is very important. It's best to use boards that have a GND plane on one side. I personally use boards that have a gnd pland on one side and a Vcc plane on the other. This makes keeping the wires short quite easy.


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