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Joseph Hebert
09/22/12 16:08
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Okemah, Ok
United States

#188424 - Forum changes?
Hi Everybody,

I've noticed that when I click on the Message Forum menu link to the left, it still opens the sub menu choices, but now it automatically brings me to whichever forum I was in last (8052 or Chat). Is this new feature something done on purpose, is it some new default setting, or is it a result of something I did without noticing?

Also, once upon a time we could see the names of other members and send them private messages off-board. Was this done away with on purpose or did it just get overlooked as a low priority in the last system redux?


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Forum changes?      Joseph Hebert      09/22/12 16:08      
   send private messages       Andy Neil      09/23/12 11:49      
      forum changes, cont.      Joseph Hebert      09/23/12 22:13      

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