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09/24/12 01:30
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#188430 - memory access
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
Beautiful! gotta check this out now. Thanks.

.db is going to place bytes in CODE/ROM,
* enable XDATA
* use MOVC to read Code/Flash
* use MOVX to write to XDATA
* Use MOVX to read XDATA.

Gotta say, some of the 6440 mem features are a bit confusing
sram 0..FF,
Extra sram 000..FFF,
flash data ram 1000..2FFF
xram 3000..FFFF
code, data, Cdata, Edata, Xdata..
different memory types-Cseg,Dseg,Eseg,Xseg,Iseg..
ps. yes- love the auto increment and dual dptrs.

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                     None in particular ...       Richard Erlacher      09/26/12 16:01      

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