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09/24/12 21:36
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#188440 - Dallas, Dptr, and DB
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
The Dallas controller sounds like a good one to use. I have no idea about the serial bus select speed on the 89S52, I've used serial only for musical midi with a 12 mhz xtal.
The dptr select- that might have been my problem with my 89S52 movx instructions. I'll try that next time.

And a note to Jim- thanks again! The movc A,@A+dptr instructions worked perfect as you suggested. I had a perfect 256 byte sinewave first try.
The 89LP6440 apparantly defaults to Xram because a simple .db statement with a movc reads that sinewave just fine. I tried it at addresses F000, 8000, 1000, 2000, and 04. I never had to set memcon or auxr which normally enable Xram, Flash data, or Extra ram.

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         not really      Erik Malund      09/25/12 08:50      
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               Make no mistake...       Kai Klaas      09/25/12 12:44      
                  and also the XMEGA      Jim Granville      09/25/12 23:36      
                     XMEGA ADC      Maarten Brock      09/26/12 03:00      
                        I agree...      Kai Klaas      09/26/12 17:18      
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            Is it 2007 already??      Andy Neil      09/25/12 15:17      
               That's why I refer to them as MAXIM/DALLAS       Richard Erlacher      09/25/12 21:52      
                  Part Numbers ?      Jim Granville      09/25/12 23:29      
                     None in particular ...       Richard Erlacher      09/26/12 16:01      

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