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Jim Granville
09/25/12 23:29
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#188448 - Part Numbers ?
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Richard Erlacher said:
They've cooked up newer parts, but not under the Dallas name ... amd in some cases "improved" versions of the Dallas parts.


Which parts are you thinking of ?

Maxim recently bought Teridian's Metering Systems, which got them 8051 + LCD + Precision ADC.

All their other 8051 parts, have Dallas DS8xx part codes.

Maxim DID release a MAX7651/7652 8051 variant, with good ADCs (at the time), which was their 'own', but it rather sank, and is now tagged NRFND.

Since then, they have played with a proprietary MAX10/20/30 core series,and also purchased the ARM9 Point of Sales series, from Zilog, and have a MIPS variant too, in a BGA256 package.

Maxim also purchased the Z8 remote control family from Zilog, so they have a LOT of cores in the various dusty corners of the company.

Maxim do seem to have missed the obvious 'sweet spot' for them, which would be Wide Supply, Better ADC Micros, for Signal Conditioning, and Power management. I can see only one part with 16b ADC + uC, and that was designed in 2007, with a custom CPU.

Teridian's Metering 8051 parts seem to be the only Micros with any real traction inside Maxim, and they target high volume customers.

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