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Marshall Brown
10/04/12 03:27
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New Zealand

#188571 - I Agree
Responding to: Oliver Sedlacek's previous message
I will make all the functions accept a void pointer

void TIMERS_test(void *thingy){
	unsigned char *j_ptr;
	static unsigned char result;

	//cast the pointer into something that we know we are expecting
	j_ptr = (unsigned char *)thingy;

	result = *j_ptr;	//grab the value of the pointer 
	result ++;			//add one to it
	*j_ptr = result;	//write the result back to the thing pointed to by j_ptr.



My LED Blink was redefined as

void MAIN_blink(void *not_used){


so although I get a warning about not_used being not used, that's fine, everything works.

I hadn't thought of it as an RTOS, just a simple method to implement timeouts, retries, interchar timeouts for a serial protocol.

Thanks for the comment.



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