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Richard Erlacher
10/05/12 16:57
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Denver, Co

#188588 - Not really ...
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
I'm not making a comparison/contrast. I'm merely pointing out that many uncredentialed but very capable programmers are hurting today because of HR people who are underqualaified.

I certainly don't see a point in contrasting or comparing talented programmers on the basis of their formal training.

The very best programmers with whom I've had the privilege of working have, in all cases been either degree-less or with degrees in entirely unrelated fields. Yes, some have been trained in math, or in physics, but I'm not focused on those. I knew one who was a chemist ... in the sense in which it's used in the UK, namely a pharmacist. Another was a school teacher, and at the elementary level. One other that sticks out in my recollection, was an economist.l

I'm not including the EE's who were excellent programmers because their formal education, though it preceded the widespread popularity of computers, was, in a sense, too closely related to fit the model I described.

In reality, I can't remember even one CS graduate with whom I've worked who was, in fact, a really excellent programmer. I doubt that there were none among the people with whom I've worked, but they didn't stand out.


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