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Oliver Sedlacek
10/08/12 04:26
  10/08/12 04:27

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#188606 - Buy or make?
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message
I bought some LCR tweezers by Siborg and they are really useful for checking components. They do C+R and L+R or L+Q which is quite nifty.

Fully characterising a capacitor is pretty time consuming and has usually been done by the manufacturer. They do however assume that various types are intended for various applications, so electrolytics may have a ripple current rating at 120Hz but no ESL, whereas a small ceramic will have an ESL but no ripple current rating. Other interesting characteristics may dielectric absorbtion and failure modes.

If you want to make something, I think Analog Devices do some chips for these bridge type measurements.

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