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Mohit Gupta
10/11/12 00:24
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#188623 - How to Determine code size of a c and obj file
Hi Everyone,

I am using C8051F124 from silicon labs and code banking in my project. The total code size after compilation comes to 115 KB and I am using code banking for this purpose. I have 10 C files in my project. Now, I have to assign bank0 to bank 3 to each of these files. All of my files are compiling without any error but while linking, I get the error of address space overflow in one of the banks.

I need to know the individual code size of each of the 10 .obj file so that I can assign the banks properly. Is there any way to find the actual code size of each of the files so that I can manage the code or shuffle the subroutines in the files as per need.



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How to Determine code size of a c and obj file      Mohit Gupta      10/11/12 00:24      
   which toolchain?      Jan Waclawek      10/11/12 00:38      
   Your tools will tell you...      Andy Neil      10/11/12 01:19      
   Since May 2006      Andy Neil      10/11/12 03:58      
   are you aware ....      Erik Malund      10/11/12 07:06      
   Why do so many ask without giving the relevant facts?      Erik Malund      10/11/12 09:42      
      unable to get the code size of each individual C file      Mohit Gupta      10/11/12 23:32      
         Using the Keil C51 compiler      Andy Neil      10/12/12 01:35      
            memory usage is displayed by the tool      Andy Neil      10/12/12 04:26      
         your question is not clear      Richard Erlacher      10/12/12 10:49      

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