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Erik Malund
11/16/12 10:50
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Mt Airy, Nc

#188840 - I am sure someone can say something about this
I regularily check my e-mail and that works well for me.

now, evidently, according to all teenagers, I am supposed to check linkedin, facebook, twitter, acme, blah and hhepp as well.

what is the frigging reason to split communiction to 4711 places?


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I am sure someone can say something about this      Erik Malund      11/16/12 10:50      
   "Social" media      Hal Albach      11/16/12 11:21      
   And just like the compound eyes...      Kalpak Dabir      11/18/12 09:35      
      Maybe it's that they're not smart enough ...       Richard Erlacher      11/18/12 11:02      

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