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Hal Albach
11/16/12 11:21
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Seminole, Florida

#188841 - "Social" media
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Moreover, how many ways can you SMS the same crap over and over? I routinely see kids sitting in a group and sending each other messages! Can't be bothered to actually look up from their iPhone or Droid and actually engage in a conversation. I guess the new AT&T slogan is going to be "Let your fingers do the talking."


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I am sure someone can say something about this      Erik Malund      11/16/12 10:50      
   "Social" media      Hal Albach      11/16/12 11:21      
   And just like the compound eyes...      Kalpak Dabir      11/18/12 09:35      
      Maybe it's that they're not smart enough ...       Richard Erlacher      11/18/12 11:02      

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