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Jan Waclawek
12/20/12 22:38
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#189019 - in this particular case, IMHO...
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
... it is simply a "protocol" "invented" to fit a particular application (FLASH loading). Intelhex as such is quite flexible and allows to "send" arbitrarily (mis)aligned blocks of data, while quite a couple of FLASH devices (read: FLASH in self-program-able mcus) require data to be programmed in aligned blocks.


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Anyone recognise this hex file format?      Andy Neil      12/19/12 06:57      
   Looks like someone's custom special variant ?      Jim Granville      12/19/12 22:59      
      That's what I was afraid of!      Andy Neil      12/19/12 23:34      
         many nonstandard hex formats out there      Jan Waclawek      12/20/12 09:49      
            RE: many nonstandard hex formats out there      Andy Neil      12/20/12 10:41      
   did Intel copyright ?      Erik Malund      12/20/12 12:36      
      in this particular case, IMHO...      Jan Waclawek      12/20/12 22:38      
      I doubt it      Neil Kurzman      12/21/12 22:13      

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