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Neil Kurzman
12/21/12 22:13
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#189025 - I doubt it
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
SMBus traces back to Philips. There is more to it than I2C. It has more root in ACCESS.bus

CopyrightÓ 1996, 1997, 1998, Benchmarq Microelectronics Inc., Duracell Inc.,
Energizer Power Systems, Intel Corporation, Linear Technology Corporation,
Maxim Integrated Products, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation,
National Semiconductor Corporation, Toshiba Battery Co.,
Varta Batterie AG, All rights reserved.

The Wikipedia Article looks weak. I should edit it before I forget it all.

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Anyone recognise this hex file format?      Andy Neil      12/19/12 06:57      
   Looks like someone's custom special variant ?      Jim Granville      12/19/12 22:59      
      That's what I was afraid of!      Andy Neil      12/19/12 23:34      
         many nonstandard hex formats out there      Jan Waclawek      12/20/12 09:49      
            RE: many nonstandard hex formats out there      Andy Neil      12/20/12 10:41      
   did Intel copyright ?      Erik Malund      12/20/12 12:36      
      in this particular case, IMHO...      Jan Waclawek      12/20/12 22:38      
      I doubt it      Neil Kurzman      12/21/12 22:13      

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