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01/03/13 05:10
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#189060 - Starting a 110V DC / 10KW motor
For an application I am required to start a 10KW DC motor ( shunt wound ) with the shaft loaded upto 75%. The motor supply is 110V dc. This is something new to me and hence the post...
I have searched the net for some kind of soft starters but almost always end up either with AC soft starters or DC variable speed drives. I do not need a variable speed - all I need is to start the motor "softly" and reach the rated RPM of 1500, without drawing "too much" current. The rated current for the motor is around 110A and the client power supply can actually support upto 140A.

I dont think I can simply use a power contactor + back up fuse to start ?? Or can I ??

Thanks in advance.


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