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Oliver Sedlacek
01/08/13 03:59
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#189097 - KVM switch recommendations
The discussion on 'real' PS2 keyboards and VGA connectors reminded me of the depth of knowledge on this forum!

I've been using KVM (Keyboard - Video - Mouse) switches for years as I just don't have enough office space to put a screen on every PC I have, and because it annoys me when I think the mouse doesn't work but it's only because I've picked up the wrong mouse. My latest KVM switch provides PS2 connectors for keyboard and mouse and DVI for video. If a PC doesn't have a PS2 port, I use an adaptor, which works well enough.

The gripe with my current setup is tha on one PC, when you switch away from it, it disables it's DVI output and doesn't re-enable it when you reconnect. I think this is a 'bug' in the video card driver, but don't know what to do about it. Does anyone have any experience they could share about such gripes?

It also strikes me that it would be really, really handy if there was a KVM switch that also included an Ethernet hub and audio. Again, any thoughts?

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KVM switch recommendations      Oliver Sedlacek      01/08/13 03:59      
   I've been using 'em too ...      Richard Erlacher      01/08/13 15:17      

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