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Richard Erlacher
01/08/13 15:39
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Denver, Co

#189106 - There are reasons ...
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Andy Neil said:
Richard Erlacher said:
I've been disappointed with various (not ARM) boards that "claim" to have ... VGA output

RPi doesn't even claim to do VGA.

No, it doesn't, but there's an adapter that will solve that problem ... at least according to its vendor(s).

... allow the use of a VGA adapter to attach a "standard" monitor

As I hinted before, I think VGA is now in decline on "standard" monitors - they're all (going) digital these days.

Other standards are supported by various adapters, and these don't just mess around with pinouts.

If (like me) you still only have VGA monitors, then you will need a converter (not just a pinout adaptor) for RPi.

I don't recall that any of them supported PS/2 keyboards.

Have you tried to buy a PS/2 keyboard lately?!

I'm thinking more about the KVM switches I use. USB keyboards would be fine, too, but since my lab uses one keyboard for all the computers, I want to stick with that. I'd prefer a 15 display on my cellphone, too.

PS/2 connectors (like RS232) are long-gone on laptops.
That's why I still have the old laptops for when I need 'em.

In reality it doesn't matter what the interface standard is, just so it is an interface standard, and not just a coincidence. One apparently suitable, if it were still available, ARM Eval Kit, supported PATA, which would be adequate for LINUX on an ARM, but that's no longer avaiable ... <sigh> ... though I have a bunch of perfectly useable large-capacity PATA drives. It'd be convenient ... for me.


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