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Andy Neil
01/10/13 23:40
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#189124 - What is your goal?
Responding to: Aamir Ali's previous message

Aamir Ali said:
I want to implement USB.

I don't want to use libraris as you can't get knowledge from that or what's exactly going on. Am I right or I should go to use libs.

What is your goal?

Do you want to become an expert on implementing USB protocol stacks, or do you want develop applications which use USB?

"USB" is a very large and complex subject - if you want to study it to the detail of writing your own stacks from scratch, then that's unlikely to leave you time to do anything else!

That's why most people use libraries!

Where to learn it, should I use FTDI IC for it

Well, that will obviously give you even less insight than using a library!

or some dedicated MCU with inbuilt USB module

There are hundreds of MCU with built-in USB - and plenty of examples of using each one.

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