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Joseph Hebert
01/13/13 16:14
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Okemah, Ok
United States

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#189148 - USB Design by Example
Responding to: Aamir Ali's previous message
Hi Aamir,

Several years ago, when I finally conceded that I had no choice but to implement a USB interface into my project, I bought this book by John Hyde.

USB Design by Example A Practical Guide to Building I/O Devices Second Edition, Intel Press (ISBN 0-9702846-5-9)

I studied the whole thing, which was enough that I could not have been happier when shortly after that SiLabs introduced the CP2102 USB-UART Bridge chip with all of the drivers and APIs ready to go.

I imagine there's a newer edition to the book by now, but it shouldn't be hard for you to find. In answer to your better question, should you just go with the packaged drivers and solutions available, without hesitation absolutely yes. Unless there is an imperative reason that you MUST do it from scratch, I wouldn't even waste the time contemplating it.

Good luck,


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