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Richard Erlacher
01/14/13 11:11
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Denver, Co

#189165 - Erik doesn't like it when you don't do what he wants
Responding to: James Brzycki's previous message
I've complained to Erik for a decade or more that he seems determined to get everyone to use what he thinks is "modern." However, since your interest in these MCU's is targeted at the DS89C430 and DS80C320, neither of which is from SiLabs, he'll continue telling you you're wrong until hell freezes over.

The fact is, you can do whatever you want, but can't expect serial EEPROM to serve as program store for a ROM-less MCU. If you study the datasheets, meaning thoroughly read and understand 'em, you'll clearly see why that is.

The DS89C430 has on-chip FLASH as program store. The DS80C320, has none. Without some sort of external memory, mapped into the program space, you'll have no luck getting the thing to do anything.

Though the DS80C320 is an old war-horse, it is still just a capable as it ever was. If that chip is suitable for what you want to do, then all you have to do is provide it with Flash, EEPROM, EPROM, or BBRAM memory that responds to the nPSEN strobe, once it's programmed with the code you want it to execute.

If you read DS89C430 the datasheet carefully, you'll see that there's a very simple programming circuit by means of which you can program the 16kB on-chip program store, for which purpose Maxim provides a loader program that is intended to reside on your PC. I've used this feature many times and find it quite reliable.

For the DS80C320, you'll need some sort of external non-valatile read-only memory, and you'll need some capable facility with which to program that memory. Serial EEPROM won't serve your need in this context.

BTW, since the DS89C430 has only 16 kBytes of on-chip program store, you can't program it using IAP, because that only works on the program space above 32 kB. As a consequence, you can't use SEEPROM to store your program and load it into the on-chip program store.


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