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Richard Erlacher
01/16/13 01:50
  01/16/13 02:01

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Denver, Co

#189183 - What about that other post?
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message might be worth a look. That's where he says he's using this chip in a class.

The datasheet explains how to attach and implement external memory. It's clear, however, that he hasn't fully understood that.

Since he's not understood the hardware that he's got ... i.e. that trainer board to which he refers, that's being used in his class, it's unlikely he'll understand this other chip any better, at least until he does a lot more thorough study.

The '320 and the 430 are quite similar, though it's not at all clear what advantage he seeks to derive from the ROMLESS version.

I'm persuaded that he'd have a lot easier time with a DS89C450, of which he can probably beg a sample from Maxim, and which is trivial to wire up, since all it needs is an oscillator and a serial port (e.g. MAX232A) (it has an on-chip voltage monitor/reset-generator) and will need no external memory at all. The '430, of course, has only 16 k-Bytes of on-chip program memory, but is trivial to program without any sort of dedicated programmer, aside from a serial port, which he'll probably need anyway. With a monitor program like that Ultramon51 that I like, he can enter, assemble, disassemble, and debug small pieces of code using the on-chip 1 k-Byte XRAM mapped into both XRAM and code space, which, IIRC, the chip allows.

Maybe you just didn't recognize that the same guy posted both of these queries. Apparently he wants to play with this chip, but can't get his hands on it except in class. The '320 came up because he can lay hands on 'em at work, or somewhere.

As you know, I like these Dallas-designed chips, so I know how to play with 'em.


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