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Titty John
01/16/13 05:12
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#189186 - from 8952 datasheet
Responding to: Jacob Boyce's previous message
Thanks Erik and Jacob.
got the details of micro-controller from datasheet. 8952 can not drive so many LED at a time.
Under steady state (non-transient) conditions, IOL must be externally limited as follows:
Maximum IOL
per port pin: 10 mA
Maximum IOL
per 8-bit port:
Port 0: 26 mA Ports 1, 2, 3: 15 mA
Maximum total IOL
for all output pins: 71 mA

so i need to use some kind of drive circuit has to be used. IC STP16CP05 or transistor.
Any suggestion regarding the LED driver circuit.

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