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Kartik Sulakhsan
01/17/13 09:02
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#189222 - not getting response from p89lpc954
This is my simple code.
#include "reg952.h"

void main()

P5M1=0x00; //all pins are in push pull

P5 = 0xFF;

while(1); // Infinite loop

but it is not responding to my code.
plz suggest any particular settings in keil and labtool to work my code.

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not getting response from p89lpc954      Kartik Sulakhsan      01/17/13 09:02      
   did you do it as a project?      Erik Malund      01/17/13 09:39      
      yes      Kartik Sulakhsan      01/17/13 09:51      
         are you using the eval?      Erik Malund      01/17/13 13:03      
            not using eval      Kartik Sulakhsan      01/17/13 18:44      
               what is      Erik Malund      01/17/13 21:01      
                  repeat - what is      Erik Malund      01/19/13 10:37      
               is the oscillator running?      Erik Malund      01/17/13 21:18      
      questions      Erik Malund      01/19/13 10:36      
   What at the others in your class doing ?      Jim Granville      01/17/13 22:07      
      7.373MHZ internal      Kartik Sulakhsan      01/19/13 09:32      

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