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Rustu Kaya
01/21/13 12:26
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#189281 - LCD unit causes interference.
I'm a radio amateur and I usually develop my rigs myself. Mostly, with 8052 family controllers and HD44780 based LCD modules. Micro-controller's interferences can simply be eliminated by putting it into idle mode right after settings are done.
But, the LCD module still continues to run and causing RF interferences on the receiver. I usually cover the LCD module with a matallic case and that prevention stops the interference up to a point. I also place it at the farmost place to the receiver's front end.

If, by any chance, any of you, had encountered such a situation, will please inform me about how this problem can be settled in a better and easier way? An idle mode operation possible for the LCD module? (to stop the driver but keeping the characters on the display)

Thanks in advance

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LCD unit causes interference.      Rustu Kaya      01/21/13 12:26      
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         backlight      Andy Neil      01/22/13 00:37      
   Yep ... it's probably the backlight supply generator      Richard Erlacher      01/22/13 09:13      

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