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Jan Waclawek
01/21/13 14:31
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#189282 - which module
Responding to: Rustu Kaya's previous message
What module in particular? Can you post a datasheet? Or even better, pictures?

Is the power supply properly decoupled? Does a capacitor (100nF ceramic, for example, placed directly at the module's pins), or perhaps some series choke on the power supply, make any difference to the interference?

Is there a backlight? What kind? Couldn't that be the culprit?

What about the VLCD source, is this a 5V display with VLCD driven simply from a potentiometer, or is this a 3V display where VLCD might be driven from a charge pump?

The controller's oscillator is controlled by a single resistor, have a look at the datasheet. You could replace it for a trimmer (temporarily) and try to "tune" its frequency somewhat. Does it make any difference to the interference/noise?


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