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Andy Neil
02/01/13 16:06
  02/01/13 16:28

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#189309 - So what have you tried?
Responding to: Igor Hurban's previous message
Igor Hurban said:
I am a beginner with a processor c8051f040 (SiLabs).

So you've started with a good study of the Datasheet and other supporting documentation from SiLabs?

Now I'm trying to work with two serial ports, but unsuccessfully.

So what, exactly, have you tried?

Where are you stuck?

Can you get either or both UARTs working separately?

As Erik says, one of them is a "vanilla" 8051 UART; the other isn't - so the code will not look the same for both!

Could anyone advise me, which registers should be set

The Datasheet will tell you that - and check for other supporting documentation from SiLabs...

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