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02/09/13 19:58
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#189330 - Java [or] .NET ?
The subject line is one of the frequent queries that comes up when I meet students pursuing software related academics. More so when they have tasted both flavours BUT have not got involved in a demanding project in either of them.

For the sake of keeping it simple we will only restrict to the desktop platform ( not mobile or tablets ) WIth this background which is a more promising path to pursue ? Java [or] .NET

Till such time I myself get cleared on above, I keep telling the students "Follow your passion"


PS : This is not in the context of microcontroller programming.

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Java [or] .NET ?      Raghunathan      02/09/13 19:58      
   Difficult one        Oliver Sedlacek      02/11/13 02:30      
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    Skills more important than specific details      Andy Neil      02/12/13 07:31      
      Absolutley. Thanks.      Raghunathan      02/12/13 08:51      
   Go for Java      Abhishek R. Kaushik      02/14/13 04:05      

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