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Abhishek R. Kaushik
02/14/13 04:05
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#189362 - Go for Java
Responding to: Raghunathan's previous message
Hi Raghu,

I am currently a developer with technologies, Java/PHP/C++. I have been using Microsofts older languages like VB, not the .net ones. But I will try to support my pitch with reasons.

Java has great advantages:
- Its free
- Still in active-development.
- Runs on any platform (Win/Linux/Mac)
- Very serious standards. So don't have to bother much about any proprietary implementations.
- Lots of frameworks for its support.

But as of today, people use Java more for web or in the core, less as a GUI app.
If the intention is just to develop GUIs for Desktops, then with no worries on Linux, then .Net is good.

Personally, if you are very balanced to choose any,then go for Java.

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