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Andy Neil
02/15/13 02:42
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Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
what "desktop book" would you guys recommend for someone that is fluent in C but has to work C++

By "desktop book" I assume you mean something not specifically about embedded?

So this, from, could be helpful:

Most of the C++ books are extremely tedious for a high-mileage C programmer, who wants to skip the C basics and get down to learning to write good C++.

Additionally, it would be especially helpful to have guidance on coping with programs that need to be a mixture of C/C++ (e.g., when doing socket programming; or trying to add ICE/C++ to an existing C program.

The Ira Pohl book seems to have some very bad reviews on Amazon:

Anything better out there?

And note the link to their "Definitive C++ Book Guide and List":

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