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Andy Neil
02/20/13 01:32
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#189412 - It's *your* project...
Responding to: Raj Nambiar's previous message
Raj Nambiar said:
Can I use RFM12B for this?

What is an "RFM12B" ?
What does its documentation tell you?
Have you discussed your requirement with the manufacturer/supplier?

Since it works on a single frequency, won't there be a clash? Is is possible to have the channel between one receiver and transmitter not interfering with the next channel? Or, do I have to go for zigbee?

Surely, Zigbee - and many other such protocols - show you that it is possible...?!

Do you think that you have sufficient knowledge & experience in this area to develop a protocol all of your own, or might you be better to buy something from someone who does have that knowledge & experience and has already done it...?
Zigbee would be just one such example...

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