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Richard Erlacher
02/20/13 11:13
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Denver, Co

#189424 - If you think that band is adequate ...
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
there are many NEW transmitter/receiver pairs offered on eBay for about $2.50US each. I've purchased 'em in pairs, two transmitters, two receivers, for about $2.50US including postage from China. They're new, and colleagues (I haven't gotten around to it yet.) Assure me that they work quite well.

Chinese vendors are currently buying market share with low prices. That's a good thing for those of us who buy in small quantity. They're showing us they can produce cheap products of decent quality.


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      If you think that band is adequate ...       Richard Erlacher      02/20/13 11:13      
         RE: Chinese vendors are buying market share with low prices      Andy Neil      02/20/13 12:13      
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                        A quick look reveals      Richard Erlacher      02/22/13 06:43      

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