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Praveen Mude
02/24/13 23:34
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#189460 - potential DPTR corruption in older version of Keil C51

We are using 8052 for our project with code banking.

Recently I saw updates available for Keil C51. here the link

Its clearly says that

"[LX51 Linker/Locater]
Corrected: a potential DPTR corruption which may occurs in code-banking applications when Global Register Coloring is enabled."

In our project target options in Keil C51, we checked Global Register Coloring option to get benefit of this feature.

At times we observed data corruption in our xdata memory, which we tried to resolve by many ways and experiments, but still we found some corruption here & there.

Being the update Release Notes clearly matched our case, we are planning to update our Keil C51 with the latest version.

Kindly elaborate the "potential DPTR corruption"

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