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Andy Neil
02/25/13 01:10
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#189461 - Have you asked Keil?
Responding to: Praveen Mude's previous message
Praveen Mude said:
Being the update Release Notes clearly matched our case, we are planning to update our Keil C51 with the latest version

So you must have a Keil licence?

Kindly elaborate the "potential DPTR corruption"

Have you asked Keil?

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potential DPTR corruption in older version of Keil C51      Praveen Mude      02/24/13 23:34      
   Have you asked Keil?      Andy Neil      02/25/13 01:10      
      Keil C51 Licence expired      Praveen Mude      02/25/13 01:37      
         Normal debugging      Andy Neil      02/25/13 02:15      

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