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Praveen Mude
02/25/13 01:37
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#189462 - Keil C51 Licence expired
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
So you must have a Keil licence?

Our Licence is expired and need to renew now.

Have you asked Keil?

Not yet.

for temp., we have "unchecked" option of "Global Register Coloring"

Any other option to check whether DPTR is being corrupt or not in our case?

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potential DPTR corruption in older version of Keil C51      Praveen Mude      02/24/13 23:34      
   Have you asked Keil?      Andy Neil      02/25/13 01:10      
      Keil C51 Licence expired      Praveen Mude      02/25/13 01:37      
         Normal debugging      Andy Neil      02/25/13 02:15      

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