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Andy Neil
02/26/13 03:53
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#189480 - State Machines, & Stuff that "works" - but is full of bugs!
Good article discussing Even-Driven programming, and why State Machines are often a very good "fit" for such tasks:

To illustrate the type of mess that's all too easy to get into by doing Even-Driven programming without State Machines, it gives a classic example (on page 2) of a bit of software which basically "works" (sic), but is full of bugs:

When you launch the Visual Basic calculator ... you will certainly find out that most of the time it correctly adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides (see Figure 2.1a). What's not to like? However, play with the program for a while longer and you can discover many corner cases in which the calculator provides misleading results, freezes, or crashes altogether.

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State Machines, & Stuff that "works" - but is full of bugs!      Andy Neil      02/26/13 03:53      
   Indeed      Oliver Sedlacek      02/26/13 09:59      
   Even ?       Steve M. Taylor      02/27/13 14:09      
      That's odd      Andy Neil      02/27/13 15:51      
         I'd bet many have spotted it, but since it happens to us all      Richard Erlacher      02/28/13 11:18      

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