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Rohan Dey
03/04/13 02:29
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#189531 - 89C2051 not booting up
I am using 89C2051 for a simple IR based remote control project, also using Keil for compiling the code. The code is tested in 89V51RD2 and it works properly.

The problem with 2051 is sometimes the everything works fine but sometimes the uC does not start/boot at all. I have found out that with a hardware reset the uC starts working, but I don't want a reset circuit in my project.

Can anyone please help me with this problem!

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89C2051 not booting up      Rohan Dey      03/04/13 02:29      
   What you want and what you need        Oliver Sedlacek      03/04/13 03:13      
   cross-post      Andy Neil      03/04/13 03:22      
   Reset Circuit      Rohan Dey      03/04/13 03:38      
      You *need* a proper external reset generator!      Andy Neil      03/04/13 04:00      
         RC reset circuit works      Rohan Dey      03/04/13 05:41      
            it "works" (sic)      Andy Neil      03/04/13 05:54      
      A 2051 is not 4K      Jim Granville      03/04/13 04:32      
         Thanks for the solution      Rohan Dey      03/04/13 05:37      

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