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Andy Neil
03/04/13 04:00
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#189536 - You *need* a proper external reset generator!
Responding to: Rohan Dey's previous message
Rohan Dey said:
What I meant was if I reset the uC externally then the thing starts working. By just powering the 2051 uC it does not work.


So what you need is a proper external reset generator to ensure that your chip gets a proper reset at power-up.

Such a circuit need only be a single 3-pin device - looking just like a transistor.

Andy Neil said:
You omitted to mention that in your cross-post

Rohan Dey said:
I figured that out after posting in the Keil forum

If you're going to post the same question on multiple forums, it behoves you to keep them all up-to-date...

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