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Jim Granville
03/04/13 04:32
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#189539 - A 2051 is not 4K
Responding to: Rohan Dey's previous message
Rohan Dey said:

Any idea how to get this thing working. If I can't get this thing working on 89C2051 then I have to move to a different 8051 uC which is low cost with at least 6 i/o, 4K Program Memory and works on 5V input. Any suggestion on this behalf is also welcome.

A 2051 is not 4K
If you really are too lazy to put even a capacitor on the reset pin, then try the AT89LP4052 (if you really need 4K...)
The AT89LP4052 has an internal BOD.

Tip: Avoid employment in any safety-related industry, given your desire to have the world conform to your idea of how it should work..

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