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Andy Neil
03/15/13 04:26
  03/15/13 04:27

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#189569 - Basics
Responding to: Yuva Raj's previous message
Yuva Raj said:
i'm using the L297/L298 pair with 8051 to control the stepper motor

This is all long-establish, widely-used, extensively-documented stuff

but I do not know how to send a pulse(in frequency) to L297 so that it will stop and how to accelerate and decelerate the stepper motor.

It's not clear whether your problem is with the basic understanding of how to drive stepper motors, or the implementation of that on an 8051 - or both.

Stepper Motor basics:

8051 basics:

Some 8051 books: - not all specific to Keil.

And don't forget to Search - both this forum and the rest of the interweb!

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