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Richard Erlacher
04/01/13 09:23
  04/01/13 09:27

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Denver, Co

#189595 - Maybe there's help here ...
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message
Back when air was clean and sex was dirty, Motorola published an MECL System Design Handbook, written, IIRC, by a fellow named Blood. This dealt with issues of signal integrity, and, from what little I know about current signal integrity software (IBIS) tools, which isn't much, though I do know at least one of the authors, much of their work is based on what he wrote. While his work was targeted at ECL, the principles carry over to any other technology, and the underlying math is solid.

If you can find this volume, and I do believe it's on the www somewhere (I have the hard copy, so I haven't recently downloaded it), you can investigate these issues there.

As a matter of fact, it's easy to find, so here's a link.


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